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Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Bling ... gratefully accepted & acknowledged

... albeit some quite belatedly
I apologize. I've been remiss in acknowledging and passing along awards recently ... and I'm going to do my best here to catch up with 'Thank Yous' ... and then pass these along to others. If I've overlooked someone ... please let me know. I'm seriously sleep deprived due to watching the Olympics ... the US Open Tennis Championships ... and the Democratic Convention while trying to live life normally ... keeping up with commitments in the REAL and VIRTUAL worlds.

I begin with the most recently received and (sort of) work
backwards as I've done previously.

Note: I realize this showed up in 'readers' before I finished adding links and publishing it. I apologize for any inconvenience in that regard, but the only way to check positioning is to publish ... and I don't know how to keep it out of 'readers' while performing such 'checks' along the way.

54. Kitten of Kitten's Homeschool gave me THIS award for Small Reflections.
Mike Golch of MJG's Rambling Thoughts
gave it to me for Sacred Ruminations.

53. I have no clue who gave me this 'kitty' ... but I love it! If it was YOU, please let me know ;--)
Whoever leaves me a comment below
is welcome to 'snag' & share it
with my gratitude ...
for comments ALWAYS make me smile ;--)

52. Rhonda (aka Chuck) of Foster Me Up awarded me with this ...

51. This 'Roar for Powerful Words' and the Bear Hug underneath it came from Mike Golch at his Weblog and/or Rambling Stuff.
Thanks Mike
50. Winning Attitude came from Mary's Writing Nook who received it from Cariboo Ponderer
49. Ivanhoe blessed Small Reflections with this one and Mike Golch presented it to Sacred Ruminations. I shared it here and here.
48. Mary (of Mary's Writing Nook) also bestowed this 'friendship award' to storyteller (that's me). I shared it and #47 below at Small Reflections on 9-3-08.

47. I've forgotten who gave me this one. Please help me remember ;--)

46. This came from Pam at Random Thoughts

45. This (and the award below it) came fromVixen of Vixen's Den

44. Friendship Award from Juliana at Picturing of Life

43. Tammy of Mom Knows Everything and A Little Girl Talk awarded this.

42. Villas Girl passed this one (and the one below it) along with 'no strings attached' and I shared it at Sacred Ruminations recently.

41. Mike Golch presented this to Sacred Ruminations at MJG's Weblog on August 9th and I shared at Sacred Ruminations.

40. Thanks to Ivanhoe for this colorful award shared as she celebrated her 100th Blog Post and I passed it along at Small Reflections.
So ... I think that's all ... at least for now. I'm in the process of creating a few NEW awards of my own to bestow on others ... but for now I wish to say THANK YOU once again to everyone for their thoughtfulness and generosity. I'll be passing these along on my other blogs ... but if there's something here that strikes your fancy ... please accept and pass along to others as you see fit ... just because ;--)

Read my 'Introductory Post' for this Blog.
Additional awards received and shared previously: Bling - Part One and Bling - Part Two
... and click for 'newer bling' too.
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