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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Reprising my Ultimate Blog Party Post of 2008

While responding to comments from Sandy of Momisodes and Yertle of Smile, Play, Dream this morning ... (and thinking about comments from Tina, Karen, and Trish left over the weekend) ... it occurred to me that I might enjoy bringing forward some posts from the past from my other blogs ...(something I've seen others do occasionally & have enjoyed encountering myself). This post, initially published at Small Reflections on March 11, 2008, seemed an appropriate early choice. I hope you enjoy the 'reprise' of ...

After visiting lots of blogs sporting this banner during the past few days and meeting even more stay-at-home-moms than I've met through participating in Haiku Friday weekly, I notice that some older bloggers like me have decided to 'crash' this Blog Party and introduce ourselves too.

When sharing a bit of Spring sunshine and a colorful collage of flowers from my yard here at Small Reflections on Saturday, I was tempted to add the 'logo' ... but didn't. Today, however, I'm putting my little blog 'out there' ... throwing open the doors and inviting visitors in ... looking forward to meeting new friends.

I've got freshly squeezed lemonade made with
Meyer lemons from my tree.

but if you'd rather, there's
freshly brewed coffee and/or tea (iced or hot)
... with fresh fruit ...

and other tasty snacks to munch while we visit.

I'm a happily retired educator living 'the good life' in a Southern California beach community with my 3 year old Labrador Retriever, Molly, and considerably older black feral cat, Ms. Kitty. I've written of them often and posted many photos ... most recently here. I started blogging here and at Sacred Ruminations late last October (knowing little or nothing about how to do anything in this 'virtual' world) ... and LOVE everything about it so far!

Just about everything there is to know about me is in my list of 101 Things About Me.

My Top 7 in 07 Small is Beautiful Review offers a sampling of my early posts.

I've made lots of Blogging Buddies who love to give & receive 'bling' ... (as do I) ... and you can meet some of them here because I enjoy passing along link-love regularly ... introducing folks to one another.

Would you care for some more lemonade ...

chips & salsa or guacamole?

The avocados are so good already this year!

Let's see ... what more shall I share about myself?

I participate in Haiku Friday here at Small Reflections and at Sacred Ruminations, Thursday Thirteen, Wordless Wednesday, and Sacred Life Sunday. Clicking on these links will take you to just those types of posts.

I've published a variety of memes along the way. Here's a link to my Photobucket. For the past two weeks I've joined the Meme Monday and Ten on Tuesday bloggers ... learning a bit more about them as I share about myself. I've just recently discovered One Single Impression and plan to participate with that group weekly.

I did NaBloPoMo & Holidailies in 2007 and I'm participating in Blog 365 this year, however my posts seldom show up in the MegaFeed because of a glitch.

How about a bit of tea or coffee

with some freshly baked cookies
before you leave?

I'm a member of Bloggers Over 50 ... Grateful Gals (I love to write & read gratitude posts) ... and Everyday Kindness. I try to remember to end each of my posts with a Thought for the Day, just as I did every day I spent in the classroom with children. Recently, I celebrated my 63rd birthday and enjoyed sharing it with my blogging buddies!

I appreciate you stopping by today ... hope you've enjoyed your visit & will want to return when time permits. I look forward to visiting your blog and getting better acquainted with you, so I hope you'll leave a comment with a link today. If there's anything you'd like to ask, feel free and I'll be delighted to respond.

Thought for Today
The greatest contribution that you can make is the aliveness that comes from simply being yourself, living your truth, and doing what you love. The passionate expression of who we are will heal the world." Shatki Gawain


Momisodes said...

Aww, thanks so much for the linky love :) I definitely remember this post. And like the first time, I'm left drooling at the end! I could really go for some lemonade with chips and guacamole right about now ;)

Have a great day!

storyteller said...

Sandy (of Momisodes) – You’re quite welcome and thanks for your kind words here. Yesterday afternoon I was feeling frustrated after receiving an email from Dell that my ‘shipping date’ had been delayed … but this morning I’m delighted to discover my new laptop has been shipped and is on it’s way. There’s more to the story and I intend to Haiku about it soon, but thought I’d let you be the first to know. Hope YOU have a fantastic Friday!
Hugs and blessings,