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Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Blog Awards and Bling - (part one)

To clear out my cluttered sidebar and restore order,
I've created this special page for
Blog Awards & Bling

Originally created in February of 2008 at Small Reflections and updated it periodically as I received new awards ... I decided to MOVE the post to this separate space (off of Small Reflections) in hopes that I could 'fix' some problems folks have experienced trying to access and leave comments on that blog in recent months. Instead of simply deleting everything there, I left a few 'early' bits of 'bling' there and create a note of explanation redirecting visitors to the new location ... here! What follows is all that was in that post. I intend to start a new post with 'awards & bling' received in the past few weeks since this one is already quite long. I'll add new 'bling' to that post rather than trying to mess with this one. Enjoy!!!

36. Mary (of Mary's Writing Nook) decided to participate in the Meme of Fours and created this new award to offer as an incentive to others when she invited them to play. She graciously extended it to me as well.

35. Misty Dawn of My Dogs Keep Me Sane also made this award for participants of Camera Critters and I shared it as an 'incentive' in my 23rd T-13 with those who participated in any of several 'memes' ... and left me a link to their Meme of Four, Kind Fives, Make a Wish, and/or Message in a Bottle post.

34. On my Fun Monday #4 post of April 28th, I acknowledged and passed along the following awards in the following manner (and I quote myself here):

I offer this award to everyone on my Blogroll!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Grandy of Functional Shumunctional
shared this 'original' award made with
her own loving hands ;--)
This award is up for grabs to all who comment on
today's post (or any other from last week)

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Betty of Betty's This and That
for this lovely rose!

This 'rose' goes to all my 'regular' readers
and anyone who decides to 'tag' themselves for the
Meme of Fives (see 2nd half of Fun Monday #4)
and leaves me a link to their post ;--)

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Misty Dawn of My Dogs Keep Me Sane
made this award for participants
of Camera Critters

and for now ... I'm keeping this one for myself!

33. Thanks to Phyl from Scrappy n Happy in Ohio for sharing this special 'new' award with me and others.

I shared it here with blogging friends at Sacred Ruminations and here with more bloggers at Small Reflections. Phyl also shared this new link-love award with me (and others)

and I shared it with all who visit either (and/or both) of my blogs regularly in addition to anyone who left me a comment on that post. If you leave one HERE on this post, you're welcome to it also ;--)

32. Thanks to Mary of Mary's Writing Nook for this wonderful 'friendship' award! I shared it with 13 blogging buddies as part of Meme Monday #6 in the 2nd half of my Fun Monday #2 Double Nickel Challenge post.

31. Betty of Betty's This and That shared this new 'beagle' award and I shared it with all those who read and comment regularly here. In addition, Betty gave

30. Greatfullivin of Gratitude Journal designated Small Reflections a 'Blog of Distinction' and bestowed this award in mid-April. In checking just now I realize I've not passed it along as of May 7th, but I'll remedy that soon.

29. Zenaida left me this award at Verb in early April of 2008 when she tagged me for 'around the world tag' ... and I passed it along in my Meme Monday #5 post.

28. Mo (aka Greatfullivin) of Gratitude Journal created this wonderful 'Gratitude with Attitude Award and blessed me with it along with a few other blogging buddies. I shared it with 13 of my blogging friends.

27. Ivanhoe bestowed this delightful award upon me in April of 2008, and I happily shared it as well.

26. Thanks to Hootin' Anni for this cool award. She gave it to 13 of her friends then shared it with T-13 visitors that week as well. I offered to bloggers who decide to participate in the Make a Wish meme and link back to either of my 'wishes' here or here.

25. Melissa Markham of Melissa's Idea Garden awarded Small Reflections this award on 3-14-08 and I'll be sharing it soon with readers of this blog. I received it previously for Sacred Ruminations (see #12 below) and passed it along then to readers of that blog. Keeping this all straight is often confusing.

24. Rhonda, otherwise known as Chuck, at Foster Me Up created this special 'Easter egg' award and gave it to me recently. I look forward to sharing it with others very soon.

23. Mary of Mary's Writing Nook received this friendship award from me (that I've shared twice before) and bounced it back to me along with a 2nd copy of a previous 'friendship award' ... so I have them to pass along again to other blogging friends.

22. Eve of Adamswife's Weblog shared this one! Evidently ... I rock!!!

and so do these bloggers to whom
I pass this award along:

Akelamalu at Everything and Nothing
Chuck at Foster Me Up
Colleen at Loose Leaf Notes
Greatfullivin at Gratitude Journal
Hootin' Anni of Hootin' Anni
Karen at Journey to Authenticity
Joy at The Joy of Six
Mama Geek at What Works for Us
the Dream at You May Say I'm a Dreamer
Sandy at Momisodes
Sue at Discombobula
Susan at West of Mars

21. Claudia of On a Limb gave this award from Chuck to all on the Everyday Kindness Blogroll.

I gave this award to the following bloggers
who spread the love joyfully:

Betty at Betty's This and That
Carla of zena musings and Women at Rest
His Girl Friday at Wellied on Life
Hootin' Anni of Hootin' Anni
Joy at The Joy of Six
Karen at Journey to Authenticity
Ladybug at Living in the Light I Find
Mary at Mary's Writing Nook
Melissa at Such Simple Pleasures
MPJ and A Room of Mama's Own
Sandy of Momisodes
Yolanda at Perfectly Imperfect

20. Betty of Betty's This and That gave Small Reflections her stamp approval! How cool is that?

19. Ivanhoe of Communique by Ivanhoe shared this award from the teach (both are bloggers I've recently encountered) with all on his Blogroll and I'm honored to be included.

18. Chuck of Foster Me Up (AKA Rhonda) generously passed along the following 3 awards. I've not passed them along as of 3-14-08, but intend to do so soon ... perhaps by the end of the month?

17. This cool t-shirt came from MPJ of A Room of Mama's Own who shared it with those who commented on her blog during February, and I shared it March 8th who all who had given me 'bling' and awards recently --Betty, Chuck, Claudia, Eve, and Ivanhoe.

16. Greatfullivin shared this 'Link-Love' award with me and others at Gratitude Journal on February 29th.

15. Mary gave this Friendship Award to me and other blogging friends at her Writing Nook and I passed it (and the special Small Reflections Blogging Buddies Award in #6 below) along to others on 2-29-08 in a Haiku Thank You post.

Shared on 2-29-08
As I add links to this now, I notice
she also shared this 'Nice Matters' award
to everyone on her Blogroll and that includes me ;--)
I've added it here and pass it along to others soon.

14. This week when MPJ left her comment on this post (while writing my response) it occurred to me that I had neglected to acknowledge receipt of two 'Thank Yous' from A Room of Mama's Own ... so I'm correcting that now. MPJ shared 'cookies' with her blogging buddies in December and this 'Thank You sign' in January.

I'm grateful for both
and I've decided to pass along the cookies here
to anyone who happens to see this post and add a comment.

I shared the 'Thank You Sign' this past week
on my T-13 Oronym challenge to all who played along.

13. This award came from Lucy at Diamonds in the Sky with Lucy and I shared it here with anyone who commented at Sacred Ruminations on the Monday Addendum to Saturday's Surprise post there.

12. Lucy (at Lucy Creates) bestowed the Excellent Blog Award to me for my Sacred Ruminations blog, and I passed it along to 11 others.

11. At her Writing Nook, Mary shared a variety of awards shown below that I, in turn, passed along here.

Two Belated Valentines
for all my friends at Small Reflections

Shared with 13 supportively caring blogging friends.

For everyone on my Blogroll

For all visitors

10. Joy surprised me in mid-February with this lovely award and some delightfully kind words at Joy of Six and I am most humbly grateful and appreciative.

9. Yolanda of Perfectly Imperfect shared a "Blessings Award" together with a call for prayer for those affected by the recent tornados.

8. Sandy of Momisodes recently shared this lovely Pink Floral Bouquet to "devoted readers and blog friends who keep her going everyday with comments" and this Spread the Love Award (that she received from Baby-Amore), and I passed both along.

The gorgeous Pink Bouquet went to anyone who visits and comments regularly at Small Reflections ... keeping ME going with their enthusiasm and support.
The Spread the Love Award went to all who stopped to share their thoughts at Small Reflections and to anyone who decided to tag themselves and do the Kind Fives Meme at Sacred Ruminations.

7. Miss*R at Tales of Inglewood created this blogging award to share with everyone who visits her blog, and I've passed it along on at each of my blogs ... here and here.

6. Mary of Mary's Writing Nook created two unique awards especially for me and my Small Reflections blog ... one to keep and one to share with others.

Best Blogging Buddies to Share with Others
(Shared on 2-29-08 on Haiku Thank You)

Young at Heart Award to Keep

5. About the same time, Mary P Jones of A Room of Mama's Own honored Sacred Ruminations with this Bloggin Blessing that I shared with three others.

4. Sandy of Momisodes shared this award with me for my Small Reflections blog and I passed it along in turn to 10 blogs that I find filled with rare gems and treasures.

3. Annie gave me my very 1st Blogging Award and I passed it along to 5 bloggers at Small Reflections and 5 more at Sacred Ruminations. When Karen awarded it to me a 2nd time, I shared it with 10 more bloggers at Sacred Ruminations ... and when Yolanda offered the award a 3rd time I passed it along to all visitors to Small Reflections.

I shared the following awards
with my Blogging Buddies in December of 2007
and add them here for the fun of it.

Best Blogging Buddies Ever

2. Akelamalu at Everything and Nothing created and shared these two Christmas Carol Quiz Awards with those who participated in her two Christmas Carol Quizzes here and here.

1. Mary of Mary's Writing Nook created this Christmas Carol Quiz Award for me to offer to those who participated in my 1st Blog Quiz. I added the "snowy effects" myself. In addition, she created and shared with me the following:

Christmas Wreath

Modified with Snowy Effects

Snowy Christmas Carol Award

Original Award

Thought for Today
"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it." William Authur Ward


Inday said...

Good morning Ma'am,

That't the best way to go!

I started mine prompted by a sidebar personal note from one blogger regarding the awards that they have difficulty with downloading, so am trying to eliminate my sidebar widgets and instead re-create something like this one.

Great and neat!

I'm grab one or two to add to my collection in the spirit of fun and friendship.

Thanks for this wonderful and beautiful share.

I wish you a nice and pleasant weekend.

Happily Retired Gal said...

Good Morning back atcha ;--)
Methinks the best ideas come from those who have gone before and who share their experiences for those who follow. I'm delighted you've visited again and am happy you've found some to add to your collection. I know you'll share as well. I've let things collect in my side bars again ... especially at Small Reflections, so it's probably time for me to schedule 'blog-cleaning' sometime soon. Thanks for your visit and comment.
Hugs and blessings,

Inday said...

You did scheduled them so well in such an orderly fashion. Methink how much time and dedication you put forth into this neat job. I am so impressed. I was smiling as I read along, gee, more to collect. I'll take care of it when I am free. For now, am gasping in catching up. :)
Thanks for the pleasure of meeting you in the blogworld.

storyteller said...

The feeling is mutual. Sorry that your 2nd comment got caught up in 'validation' (comments on posts older than a week wind up there so I can catch unwanted spammers who target older posts) and that I overlooked it for so long, but I do appreciate your visit and kind words always ;-)
Hugs and blessings,